Are you an aspiring author? Do you have a big, scary piece of content in front of you that now feels totally overwhelming? Are you not sure what to do next with a manuscript or other long-form piece of writing?

I get it. I’m a writer, too!

Let me be another set of eyes on your work. As a freelance editor, I have experience in everything from copyediting and basic manuscript review to more advanced project development. I’d love to partner with you to help you get your work to the next step — whatever that may look like for you!

Check out these testimonials from previous editing clients…

“I had over 100 pages of notes on my book, but was at a total loss for how to organize all of it. On my own, I would start and stop every few months. I knew my first book was ready to take shape, but needed partnership to make it come alive. I interviewed multiple editors before choosing to work with Alli. After our first call, I knew she understood me and the overall message of the book. We aren’t done yet, but I’ve been super impressed with how much forward movement we’ve made every single week. She’s patient, communicative, has a high attention to detail and sticks to deadlines. What more could you want in an editor?!”

— Katie DePaola, founder of Inner Glow Circle, first book scheduled to publish in 2020!


"Alli was an incredible editor to work with for my Whole Body Fitness Planner project. She was extremely thorough and made the editing process a breeze! Alli knows her stuff and I was so grateful to have a grammar guru by my side because that is one area that is not my strong suit. She provided helpful ways on how to cut down my word count in certain places as well as ways to better phrase certain things. There were so many things editorially that I wouldn't have thought of that Alli brought to my attention and helped me with. Alli is excellent at communicating and meeting deadlines as well, which I greatly appreciated for my project. Overall, I had a great experience working with Alli and my planner would not be what it is today without her editing help."

— Meghan Meredith, creator of the Whole Body Fitness Planner